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Chances are you were sent here to learn more about me,
Ira Weinstein, and my engineering consultancy,


What makes Directshen unique?


Breadth of experience, skills and determination
to solve your toughest problems– together.


Directshen specializes in helping organizations and teams change. 
Whether it is the introduction of a new practice, technology,
toolset, development methodology, or cultural shift,
I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.
Preferring to offer growth to my clients instead of dependency,
I will expertly coach and mentor while getting the job done.


(You may have heard Rosy - our receptionist)


Please wander around the premises.
Read my stories, and learn about my specialties
as a Software Practitioner and leader:


Peopleware— people getting together to create (and cope with) complex technology

Systems Thinking— the human tendency to create mental models, elevated to a discipline and a philosophy

Software— engaging the imagination, individually and as teams, to create intelligent machines mostly unhindered by the laws of physics

Hardware— conjuring with atoms, electrons and energy while abiding by the laws of physics

Energy Arts— a lifelong love of "internal arts": Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga and Aikido; how they strengthen, heal, energize and build intuition.

Also, please review my Professional Summary.  For more details on my work experiences and background feel free to review my LinkedIn page or email me to request a copy of my resume.


Since I am constantly changing it should not surprise you
my reflection, the Directshen website, is updated often. 
Visit today and come back again soon. 
Fresh ideas and new stories will be waiting.