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Directshen - pronounced "direction",  is a playful compound of the English word "direct" with the pinyin "shen".   

I chose the word "direct" because it is my nature.  I like to get things done, as simply as possible.  I have direction and purpose in life.  I hear my customers appreciate the directness and dedication I bring to the solution of their problems.

The Chinese word (romanized as) shen has many meanings, here are my favorites :

  • mysterious, lively, expressive, unusual, soul, spirit, look and deity.
  • to stretch / to extend.
  • close / deep / late / profound / dark (of color, water etc)
  • body / life / oneself / personally / one's morality and conduct

I chose the word "shen" to infuse within myself (and my customers) some key points:

  • the human element is essential to success; it is mysterious and unusual, expressive and lively, and sacred. It will puzzle and delight.
  • the joy of stretching is to extend oneself beyond limits in business and in life.  Constantly learning and experimenting, we can each grow and share what we have learned with others freely, confident the extent of our learning is limitless. 
  • the profoundness of the moments we share in daily life.  Sometimes the greatest realizations arrive at the oddest times...  at lunch together, while gazing at the waves of the ocean, or waking in the morning shower.
  • the standard of honesty and competence that I hold for myself in the stream of life and my business relationships.  That is my body which grounds me to my world.  It is also what I ask in return from my associates, to be honest and congruent in our business matters.

Taken together, directshen, is the compass needle marking the miles we travel together.